Brett Bergeron

Product Design
Brooklyn, NY
March ' 20 — Present

Work & Co.

Design Director

I'm currently a design director at Work & Co where I partner with clients on new products and mentor designers in their work.

March ' 19 — Jan ' 20


Executive Strategy Director

For just under a year, I led the integration of new and existing client relationships from our studio into Instrument.

Served as a primary point of contact for new business on the east coast, developing proposals, timelines, budgets, and pitch materials.

Grew an existing client relationship with a major technology brand into one of Instrument's largest accounts for the 2019 fiscal year.

Nov ' 13 — March ' 19

This Also

Co-Founder & Design Director

For five years, I led a design studio in New York and personally managed client relationships for Google, Apple, Nike, Xbox, Spotify, and Samsung.

Grew revenue and headcount each year, finishing at fifteen people, $2.8m in revenue, and an average EBITDA of 20% in the last three years of operation.

The studio was acquired by Instrument in March of 2019 as its first geographic expansion and the foundation for its New York office.

Apr ' 13 — Nov ' 13

Google Creative Lab

Product Design Lead

Earlier in my career, I had the privilege of working at Google’s product & marketing thinktank led by Andy Berndt and Robert Wong.

I worked as part of a cross-functional team to evolve Google Glass, reimagine Google Search, and envision new products for Google X.

I left Google Creative Lab on excellent terms and immediately began working with them as the first client at my studio.

March ' 11 — April ' 13


Product Design Lead

Years ago, I was one of the first designers to join the newly created product design discipline at Huge, a hybrid design and development role.

My most significant contribution was for HBO GO where I designed, prototyped, and launched new connected TV apps for Xbox & PS3.


Spotify CarThing

While at my own studio, I led a team to develop the name, branding, and user interface concepts for Spotify's first hardware product.


Nike SNKRS Pass

Led visual and experience design of a highly successful digital to physical retail reservation system for the SNKRS app.


Nike SNKRS x F8

Led the design of an augmented reality experience and chat bot for an on-stage demo at the Facebook Developer Conference in 2018.


Nike SNKRS Cam

Led the design of a campaign platform for customers to purchase high heat product in an augmented reality scavenger hunt.


OOO for iOS

Led the creation of an independent camera app that was featured by Apple and organically downloaded by more than 120k users.


Xbox One X

Worked directly with product leadership to reimagine the user experience on the Xbox One X controller, dashboard, and guide.


Xbox Avatar Stuido

Worked with Microsoft on the interface for an internal demo of the avatar studio that launched largely unchanged two years later.


Windows Gaming

Worked with Microsoft on new cross-platform interface concepts for casual, console, desktop, headset, and stream-based gaming.


Project Ara

Worked with Google's advanced technology team to develop an interface for their experimental modular smartphone.


Ray Super Remote

Worked closely with a small startup to design, prototype, and test an Android touchscreen universal remote control.


Big Web Quiz for Chromecast

Worked with Google Creative Lab to concept and design the first multiplayer game for the newly released Chromecast.


Google Glass

Worked with the core product team to design the first generation of the operating system, apps, and dev kit.


HBO GO for PS3

Led user experience design for HBO's connected television experience on PS3.